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Tabby Installment Terms & Conditions

Tabby Eligibility Requirements:

"Buy Now Pay Later": -



Eligibility Conditions: -

Tabby BNPL services will only be available to eligible persons. Whether you are eligible to use our BNPL services will be determined by us at our discretion at the time of an attempted purchase, and may depend on such factors including but not limited to our assessment of your creditworthiness, your history of transactions, the retailer's account history, or any other reason and you satisfying the following criteria:


Ø you are living in the KSA and have a permanent residential address.

Ø you are 18 years of age or older.

Ø you have an active email account registered in your name.

Ø you have an active mobile phone number registered in your name.

Ø you have provided all your information and documentation requested by us.

Ø you declare that any payment obligations arising from your purchase will be met by you pursuant to the payment terms agreed at the time of purchase.

Maximum Purchase Amount: -

For Age Above 21Y, maximum total allowed amount for purchasing via installment is 5000 riyal.


For Age 18Y & Under 21Y, maximum total allowed amount for purchasing via installment is 1000 riyal.

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Note: In case your request is not accepted, please Contact with Tabby (800 111 0999).


Installment Sales Terms & Conditions for (HomyOnline):

Coupons and vouchers: -

Coupons and vouchers are not applied when purchasing in installments.

Cancellation Penalty: -


In condition of order cancellation customer will be charged for 2% of total order amount even items are delivered or non-delivered as per bank service charges.