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Coupon Code Terms and Condition

Coupon Terms and Conditions :

  • This coupon code is only valid for a single electronic transaction and is not exchangeable with cash or another coupon.
  • If coupon used for total purchasing amount lesser than coupon amount the remaining amount of coupon cannot be redeemed or reused and the coupon will be expired.
  • Any additional cost exceeding the value of this coupon will be paid by the redeemer.
  • This coupon will not be replaced when forget the code or sharing other user.
  • This coupon is valid only to the registered user and a single transaction.
  • Coupon expiry date is determined by authorized person only.
  • This coupon entitles the bearer to purchase the product/s specified or according to a specified total amount.
  • Any Coupon has an Expiry Date. and if the date is passed the coupon considered null and void or invalid. 

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