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Brand: Crafft Model: DS125FE6IN000
Type:  Split Wall Type AC Conditioning:  Cold Capacity (BTU):  24000 Air Swing:  4 Way Compressor:  Rotary Voltage:  220v Compressor Warranty:  5 Years Warranty:  2 Years Made in:  KSA
S.R 2,340 S.R 3,404
Ex Tax:S.R 2,035
Brand: Crafft Model: DWA118Y6H0000
Type: Window AC Conditioning: Cold Capacity (BTU): 17200Air Swing: 2 Way Compressor: Rotary(Small)Voltage: 220v Compressor Warranty: 5 Years Warranty: 2 Years Made in: China..
S.R 1,126 S.R 1,150
Ex Tax:S.R 979
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